What Is nanox?

nanox is the world's fastest Content Management System designed based on a scientific research from server architecture to client-side scripting. While other Content Management Systems focus on flexibility for easy install on all types of servers and possibility for adding third-party plugins/components, nanox is focused on performance and security.

Installing nanox is possible in few minutes, but it needs a special server setup to use all of its functions. Thus, a genuine installation of nginx starts from installing OS on the server.

nanox is a lightweight Content Management System with a size of 1/10 of similar systems. The system comes with a variety of advanced packages for various applications. The current packages provides full power for building, all kinds of websites such as social networks, social bookmarking, file sharing, media website, forums, question/answer, discussion groups, e-learning, internet banking, online dating, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), affiliate website, online store, etc.
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